Online and Text Giving

Make it easy for donors to GIVE BACK to your church or nonprofit

Online and Text Giving

Make it easy for donors to GIVE BACK to your church or nonprofit

Online and Text Giving

Make it easy for donors to GIVE BACK to your church or nonprofit

GIVE BACK GATEWAY from Higher Standards is the ideal digital giving platform for churches and nonprofit organizations. With a combination of online giving, text giving, and robust reporting, GIVE BACK GATEWAY makes it easy for donors to give back to your ministry or organization.

Online Giving

With GIVE BACK GATEWAY, donors can give from any computer or mobile device. Accept donations by credit card, debit card, and electronic withdrawals – even recurring donations.

Text Giving

Text giving lets donors spontaneously give from anywhere, even in church, with their smartphones. It’s as easy as sending a text message, with payment via credit or debit card.

Robust Reporting

The detailed reporting in GIVE BACK GATEWAY tells you who’s giving and how much. Generate giving reports by age, location, and more – and discover how to increase overall giving.

Easy Setup and Use

GIVE BACK GATEWAY runs in the cloud on any computer. It’s easy to set up a custom giving page with multiple campaigns and locations. Integrates with existing accounting and CMS software.



Did you know that 54% of donors to charitable institutions prefer to give online? Or that 49% of all donations to churches are made with a credit or debit card? In the past five years, online giving has grown more than 60%. If you want to increase your organization’s donations, you need to embrace digital giving.

GIVE BACK GATEWAY is a digital giving platform that is easy to set up and easy to use, for both donors and your staff. It offers online giving and text giving, and can be integrated with most popular CMS and accounting software. It also features a robust reporting functionality to help you identify new ways to grow your organization’s giving.


Help Businesses GIVE BACK to Your Organization

Are any of your donors business owners? When a business participates in Higher Standards’ GIVE BACK FOR BUSINESS program, our profit from that account goes directly to your church or nonprofit. It’s another way your donors can be good stewards – every month.

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