Detailed reporting to help you grow your digital giving

GIVE BACK GATEWAY offers more robust and detailed reporting than other digital giving solutions. View the most important data in the Admin Dashboard, then run reports to look at cashflow, donations, transactions, and more. Examine giving by location/campus and campaign, as well as gift (payment) type. You can even run reports based on donor age and other demographics. Generate reports by month-to-date, this month, last month, year-to-date, this year, previous year, and custom date ranges. It’s data you can use to increase your base’s digital giving. 

Admin Dashboard

View your most important data at a glance in the Admin Dashboard.

gift type

View the payment methods your donors are using – cash, cards, or ACH.

Cashflow report

Generate cashflow reports by account ID and accounting period.

user age

See what percentage of donors are in specific age groups –  who are you reaching best?

donation list

List individual donations by date range, campaign, location, and selected donors.

location report

If you have multiple campuses, examine donors and donations for each location.

transaction list

View transactions by date range, campaign, location, and more.

campaign report

Examine donors and donations to specific giving campaigns.