Features for your church or nonprofit

GIVE BACK GATEWAY makes it easy for your church or nonprofit to accept and manage online and text donations. It’s easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to integrate with your current systems. You can make your online donation page look like the rest of your website and set it up to accept donations for multiple locations and campaigns. You can even generate detailed reports to help you identify new sources of giving growth. 

Easy to Set Up and Use

GIVE BACK GATEWAY is totally cloud based so there’s no software to install. It’s easy to set up multiple locations and campaigns and customize giving screens with your own logo and colors. Just log in from any computer and get to work!

Admin Dashboard

See and manage your digital giving from the Admin Dashboard. View total giving over time, campaign totals, gift types, demographics, and more at a single glance. 

System Integration

Ask us about integrating GIVE BACK GATEWAY with your existing accounting software or church management system. We make it easy for you!

Robust Reporting

GIVE BACK GATEWAY offers more reporting options than other giving solutions. In addition to cashflow, donation, and transaction reports, you can view donations by location, campaign, donor age, type of gift, time period, and more.

Multiple Locations

GIVE BACK GATEWAY lets you set up individual giving options for multiple locations or campuses. All accounts can be managed separately.

Multiple Campaigns

You’re not limited to a single giving account. Set up as many individual campaigns or events as you need. Donors can choose from a drop-down list of options.

Features for donors

GIVE BACK GATEWAY makes it easy for both occassional and regular donors to give to your church or organization. They can give via credit card, debit card, or electronic bank (ACH) withdrawal, from their computers, tablets, or smartphones. Here’s what we know: the easier it is to give, the more people will give.

Online Giving

Donors can make online donations from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. It’s as easy as accessing your organization’s giving page, entering their payment information, and clicking the Submit button.

Text Giving

GIVE BACK GATEWAY lets donors give from their smartphones, anywhere, any time. All they have to do is send a simple text message with the amount they want to give. It’s that easy.

Recurring Donations

People can make one-time-only donations or set up recurring weekly or monthly giving. Studies show that recurring donors give 42% more each year than those who make one-time donations. It’s easy and convenient.

Donor Dashboard

Donors can view their donations and manage their personal and payment information via the GIVE BACK GATEWAY Donor Dashboard. All their information is there in one place for easy viewing.