Setup and Integration

Easy to set up, easy to use

GIVE BACK GATEWAY is the easy-to-use digital giving solution for your church or nonprofit organization. You can set up multiple administrators and users, customize the donor giving page with your organization’s logo and colors, and create multiple campaigns and locations for giving. Day-to-day use is just as easy – just logon and access the Admin Dashboard to see everything you need at a single glance.

Easy Setup

GIVE BACK GATEWAY is totally cloud based so there’s no software to install. Start out by creating multiple administrator and user accounts, then set up your locations and campaigns – the way you want your donors to give. Once everything’s set up, all you have to do is log in from any computer and get to work!

Custom Giving Page

Use our default giving page or customize your own with your organization’s logo and colors. Your donors will see your giving page as part of your existing website.

Dashboard Management

The Admin Dashboard is your home base for day-to-day management. View donations by period, campaign, location, gift type, demographics, and more, all at a single glance. The Admin Dashboard is also where you create and print cashflow, transaction, donation, and other reports – including your own custom reports. . 


System Integration

We make it easy for you to use GIVE BACK GATEWAY with your existing systems. Ask us about integrating with your accounting or church management software.