To maximize donations, nonprofits need to embrace a variety of giving methods. Because no two donors are alike, traditional check and cash giving needs to be supplemented by online and mobile giving. Here are six important reasons why.

1. Online Giving is Increasing

According to the The Blackbaud Institute Index, overall charitable giving increased by 2% in 2020. Online giving increased substantially more, by 21%. Ignore this trend at your peril.

2. Online Giving is a Substantial Portion of Total Giving

Online giving represents a substantial portion of total donations. Blackbaud reports that in 2020, nonprofits received 13% of their total fundraising from online giving.

3. Online Giving is Even More Important for Smaller Nonprofits

Online giving is even more important for small nonprofits (<$1 million). Smaller nonprofits receive 19% of their donations from online donors.

4. Online Giving is Even More Important for Faith-Based Charities

When looking at the important of online giving by type of charity, the sector with the biggest percent of online donations is the faith-based sector. Faith-based charities receive 18% of their total donations online.

5. Mobile Giving is a Big Part of Online Giving

Online giving is big and mobile giving is a big part of that. In 2020, 28% of online contributions came from mobile devices. It’s evident that more people are using their phones for a variety of activities, including making donations.

6. Online Donors Give a Lot

Online donations aren’t small donations. According to the Blackbaud report, the average size of an online donation in 2020 was $177. Faith-based donations trended even larger, with an average donation size of $230.

Your Organization Need a Robust Online Giving Solution

All these are important reasons why your organization needs a robust online and mobile giving solution, such as that offered by GIVE BACK GATEWAY. Make sure you have an easy-to-use giving page on your website, accompanied by a text giving solution for mobile donors. If you don’t offer online giving you’re losing out on a substantial amount of fundraising.