To maximize your donors’ charitable giving, you need to know your donors. You need to know what they love and what they appreciate. You can then take that knowledge and tailor your activities to increase their giving.

With that in mind, here are six things you can do to increase your donors’ charitable giving to your nonprofit.

1. Support Your Supporters

To encourage continuing support from your donors, you need to show them that you also support their actions and activities – as well as their causes. That means following your key supporters on social media and “liking” or reposting any posts they make about your charity and their support. For example, if one of your supporters tweets about your charity, retweet it. If someone write a blog post about how your cause matters to them, mention it in your blog, Twitter feed, or Facebook page. When you support your supporters, you strengthen their support of you.

2. Regularly Report Results

Donors like to know that their support matters. Don’t let their donations fall into a black hole. Regularly report the results of your fundraising activities – and in a positive fashion. Don’t say that you’re 20% short of your goals; tell supporters that their generous donations have helped you achieved 80% of your goals. Let them know that their donations made an impact – and give them a reason to keep giving.

3. Create an Appeal to Complete a Project

Building on that last piece of advice, know that people like to be part of a winning team. Let your supporters know that your current project is well on its way to completion but needs more support to put it over the top. Show your donors that their gift will help achieve the desired goal.

4. Set Up a Matching Grant

How can your supporters make their donations go even further? When you set up a matching grant, that guarantees that your donors will have double the impact as they would normally. That makes them feel doubly important, and more likely to give more now and in the future.

5. Show Your Appreciation

Saying “thank you” is a simple thing but it produces big results. When you thank supporters for their donations it makes them feel like they matter and it increases the chances that they’ll give more – and more often – in the future.

6. Make It Easy to Give

Finally, make sure your supporters have the right tools to facilitate their giving. In today’s environment, that means online giving with a single click of the mouse or tap of the phone screen. Don’t make your donors navigate through multiple screens to give you their money; make it as easy as possible to donate and track their donations.

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