Due to COVID-19 lockdowns, many churches have shifted from in-person to online worship services. How can your church help members maintain or increase their giving during online worship? Here are five ways.

1. Offer Digital Giving Solutions

If you’re offering online worship services you need to have an online giving platform, such as GIVE BACK GATEWAY. Make sure your giving platform offers both web-based and text-based giving options. Make it easy for your online worship viewers to give from the comfort of their living room couches!

2. Ask for Donations During the Service

You need to make online viewers aware of their giving options. During in-person services your church probably had a dedicated offering time. You need something similar online to encouraging giving. This won’t be a full offering with music behind it; after all, you have no plate to pass online. Instead, a simple message from the pastor or another leader politely asking viewers to give is all you need. Make sure this message is accompanied by the link to your online giving page and instructions on how to give via text.

3. Include an Online Giving Slide

You should create a separate online giving slide that you can insert into your online services at multiple points. You can insert the slide into the pre-service countdown, in-between sections, and during post-service music. The slide should include an invitation to give along with the link to the giving page on your website and instruction on how to give via text.

4. Encourage Recurring Giving

The best way to ensure a constant stream of revenue during these unsure times is to encourage recurring giving. Mention how easy it is for members to set up recurring giving and include an onscreen link to a page on your website with more detailed information. Make sure you take a moment to publicly thank those who have already set up recurring giving; this will inspire others to follow in their path. You should consider sending out emails and requests via social media encouraging recurring giving, as well.

5. Remember Other Churches

It’s likely that you have people watching your online services who normally or used to attend other churches. That’s great, but you should show your own generosity by encouraging those viewers to give to their home churches. You love that they’re watching your church, but you don’t want them to forget where they came from.