The COVID-19 coronavirus crisis has turned the world upside down – including the world of fundraising. Nonprofits have had to cancel physical events, rethink ongoing campaigns, and otherwise adapt to a world where in-person meeting is difficult and increasing numbers of people are laid off or working from home.

How can your nonprofit maximize donations during these COVID-19 times? Here are a few ideas.

1. Create a Virtual Event

If you can’t conduct your normal physical event, consider turning it into a virtual event. Use YouTube or Facebook Live to put a version of your event online. You can even use Zoom or Google Meet to create a more personal atmosphere. Get creative and take advantage of today’s technology to create something new and exciting.

2. Take Your Event to Your Donors

If, because of quarantining and social distancing, donors can’t come to your event, then take your event to them. Schedule curbside or porch visits with one or more members of your team. In the case of a fundraising dinner, turn it into a fundraising delivery and have volunteers don black-tie attire to deliver meals to donors. Record your interactions so you can post them on social media during or after the event.

3. Stage an Online Auction

In lieu of a traditional fundraising auction, use Facebook Live to state an online auction instead. Bidders can join in online and you still have your fundraiser.

4. Focus on Recurring Giving

If donations shrink because of the COVID-19 crisis, turn your focus to recurring giving. Monthly gifts can sustain an organization through tough times – and they cost less to generate. It makes sense to focus on solidifying recurring donations from your most dependable donors.

5. Drop Inefficient Activities

When times are tough, you don’t want to spend time and effort pursuing those activities that don’t have a big return. Analyze your fundraising activities and drop those that are less efficient. This will enable you to cut staff or expenses as necessary and focus on activities that bring in the most bang for the buck.

6. Be Realistic

You may have had big plans for big campaigns before the coronavirus hit, but you need to adjust your expectations. You may still proceed with those plans, but adjust your goals for these challenging economic times. Your donors still have the same good intentions, they just may not have the means to give as much as they would have otherwise. Don’t give up on your plans but put in place more realistic goals.

7. Use Social Media

Even if donors can’t give as much or as often as they might like, they still want to hear from you. Don’t give up on your donors; use social media to keep in touch on a regular basis. Keep your most interested donors informed of what you’re doing and why. It doesn’t cost you much if anything to post on Facebook and Twitter, so use those media to maintain a constant presence with potential donors.

8. Enable Digital Giving

You want to make it as easy as possible for people to donate to your cause, and asking them to send in a check just doesn’t cut it anymore. To maximize potential donations, enable digital giving for your nonprofit, from your website or mobile devices. To learn more about digital giving solutions, contact GIVE BACK GATEWAY today!